John I. Smith Elementary's Main Office is open between school hours Monday through Friday.  Please stop by with all the necessary paperwork and we will be happy to process your registration information.

Age Requirements

As per Miami-Dade County School Board rule 6Gx13-5A-1.03:

bulletStudents entering prekindergarten classes must be 4 years old on or before September 1. Students entering kindergarten must be 5 years old on or before September 1. To enter first grade, students must be 6 years old on or before September 1, and should have successfully completed kindergarten.


Documents Needed

Many different documents are necessary before registering your child.  Please have all required paperwork with you before you come in.  Any paperwork that is missing or incomplete will prevent or delay registration of your child.  Click on the navigation buttons at left to learn about the different documents that are needed.

Proof of Age               Immunizations                Verification of Residence    

School Uniforms

Pursuant to the rules of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools, John I. Smith Elementary School has met the requirements of the mandatory school uniform policy.  Therefore, all students are required to wear the approved uniform, which has been selected by the school uniform committee.  Please contact the office or classroom teacher for more information.  In addition to the mandated uniform, closed shores are to be worn to avoid injuries.  Jeans are NOT part of the school uniform. 

Parents or guardians may request an exemption from the mandatory uniform program by obtaining an application for exemption from the school office, either in person or by a letter to the principal.  Please contact the school office for an exemption application.  Each Friday (or the last day of the school week) we celebrate Spirit Day at John I. Smith Elementary School.  On this day, students and staff may wear the school colors, T-shirts, and jeans.  We feel that this is a fun, casual way to end the week, however we must, at the same time, continue to adhere to the Miami-Dade County Public School Board’s dress code which prohibits written messages, pictures, or symbols on clothing which portray ideas which are harmful to the health, safety and welfare of students.  Tube tops, see-through blouses, bare backs, bare midriffs, and sleeveless undershirts (tank tops) are also inappropriate for Spirit Day. 


2011-2012 SCHOOL YEAR

JUMPER: Plaid #34 drop waist style (866/1951) with patch left chest
SKIRT: Navy, Grey and Plaid #34 (502/3951)
SKORT: Navy and Plaid #34 side button styles
SHORT: Solid Navy and Grey relaxed fit.
SLACK: Solid Navy and Grey relaxed style.
BLOUSE: White round collar with navy piping – (worn w/jumper – no patch)
KNIT: (Polo) White, Navy and Burgundy w/patch on left side.
SWEATER: Burgundy or Navy

PANTS: Navy and Grey relaxed fit.
SHORTS: Solid Navy and Grey relaxed fit.
SWEATER: Burgundy or Navy

SHIRTS: Powder Blue and White Oxford shirts with the patch on the left chest.
SLACKS: Solid Navy relaxed fit. (PANTS)

SHIRTS: Powder Blue and White Oxford shirts with the patch on the left chest.
SLACKS: Solid Navy relaxed fit. (PANTS)

SHOES (All Grades): Any dark shoe or sneaker. No sandals or open toe shoes.
SOCKS(All Grades): Any color to match uniform.


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Uniforms can be purchased at:

AA Uniforms

  8807 Southwest 132 Street 

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